How to stop sugar in 7 days

Do you want to eat a less sweet diet? Here are new habits to take on a week for lasting change.

Sugar everywhere

Today, an average of 35 kg of sugar is consumed per person per year, a figure that is constantly increasing. You should know that 100 years ago, we only consumed 1 kilo. And for good reason, sugar is hidden in foods that we can not imagine: fruits, vegetables, alcoholic drinks, medicines, low-fat products, industrial dishes … Difficult to escape!

White sugar to avoid

White sugar is devoid of fiber and its nutrients. It is for this reason that it is often pointed out: it does not bring anything positive to our body. To reduce it on a daily basis, we adopt new sugars such as honey, maple syrup, coconut, or date sugar.

If you want to lower the sugar, the effects will be felt quickly. Your skin will be more beautiful, your digestive system will work better, you risk losing excess pounds and you will limit the risk of developing certain diseases (cancers, diabetes, etc.). There is no longer an excuse not to do it!

7 days to decrease sugar
To decrease sugar in the long term, it is possible to take a few small habits over a week. Here are our tips!

Day 1. Define your relationship to sugar

To decrease sugar, you have to know why it makes you so addicted! Need to console yourself? To fight boredom? Fatigue? The heart of the problem is often the answer to this question. In a notebook, write down the times of the day when cravings for sugar occur.

Day 2. Sort in your closet

Your closet is Alibaba’s cave! Candies, cakes, industrial cereals, rusks, white pasta, sodas, spread… Sweet foods that constantly tempt you. Store them in a tall cupboard so that you no longer have them under your nose and crack. Replace everything with almonds, nuts, granola, and whole foods.

Day 3. We forget the sweet reflexes

Do you have a habit of sweetening your tea, coffee, or plain yogurt? From today, we avoid adding spoons of sugar everywhere. Start gradually by decreasing the quantity by two until you no longer put any. We replace the sugar with applesauce, vanilla, or spices.

Day 4. Try a salty breakfast

Sugar calls for sugar. The more you eat, the more you will want to snack. If you swap your sweet breakfast for a fatty, protein, and rich breakfast, you will be less tempted to eat sugar. The 10 o’clock snack, the little dessert, the late afternoon snack, and the little piece of chocolate in the evening in front of the TV … Sweet little rituals that will soon be a thing of the past.

Day 5. Replace your sweet pleasures

By decreasing sugar, you may experience frustration. A bit of advice? Do not deprive yourself and adapt your sugar cravings to make them healthier but just as delicious. Low-fat homemade desserts, herbal teas, or even dark chocolate squares are good options for your hazelnut caramel chocolate bar!

Day 6. Exit sugary drinks

Fruit juices, smoothies, iced teas, and sodas are high in sugar. Replace them with natural carbohydrate-free drinks like detox water!

Day 7. We forget the pasta and white rice

“White” foods like wheat pasta, white bread, and rice are high in carbohydrates. To reduce the daily sugar dose, they are easily replaced by “complete” or legume-based alternatives. Coral lentil, split pea, whole wheat, buckwheat, black or red rice pasta …

By adopting all these rituals, your cravings for sweet foods should diminish over the weeks. Do not forget to treat yourself, the main thing is to combine a healthy eating routine and gourmet moments.