How to prevent discoloration of your teeth

White and healthy teeth: that’s how we like them. Our teeth do not have to be as white as they glow in the dark, but we prefer to have teeth that are not discolored.

We all know that not smoking can prevent discoloration of your teeth. But what else can we do, or not, to prevent this discoloration?

Here are 6 ways to prevent discoloration of your teeth

1. Brush your teeth twice a day

Use your toothbrush regularly. Also, do not store your toothbrush for 30 seconds after brushing your teeth. Brush your teeth for at least two minutes, making circular movements with the brush. This is the best way to remove the plate. Are you not brushing well enough to remove the plaque? It must be tartar.

2. Buy an electric toothbrush
Speaking of brushing, electric toothbrushes often remove more plaque than ordinary toothbrushes. Removing the plate properly means that it will take longer to build up tartar (if any). Tartar, after all, is one of the main causes of tooth discoloration.

3. Change toothbrushes every three months

tooth brushesIf you brush your teeth at least twice a day, you should replace the head of your toothbrush or toothbrush. If the bristles are worn, removing the plaque is more difficult: you must replace your toothbrush immediately.

4. Eat “white” foods
Foods that may contain many colors are not good for your teeth. Therefore, include more white foods in your diet to prevent discoloration of your teeth. Chicken, rice, and fish are good options.

5. Limit your consumption of tea or coffee

tea and coffeeCoffee, tea, and red wine have several things in common. They are all three liquids and contain tannins. These chemicals attack tooth enamel, which means your teeth will turn yellow. Try to limit your consumption of coffee, tea, and red wine.

6. Chew gum
When you chew gum, you produce saliva, which neutralizes the acids in your mouth. In addition, chewing also removes particles from your teeth. For healthy teeth, chew sugar-free chewing gum.